Dr. Richard Briglio is a tactical performance coach who GUARANTEES results when his protocols are followed, and offers a FREE 5 minute consultation to prospective clients.

Student Performance Guarantee: parent/child power struggles are reduced, time management is customized, courses are analyzed, and student attention is addressed via cognitive strategies.


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Sports Performance Guarantee: Optimal athletic performance requires synergy between mental performance and physical skills. Attention, mental control, posture, and the redirection of emotion are analyzed and addressed with the goal being peak athletic performance.

Relationship Improvement Guarantee: relationships between couples and parents and children are improved when the love that is part of the relationship is acted upon and anger expressed passionately yet selectively and appropriately. It may be uncomfortable to hug a person one is angry with, but such expressions of love will dissipate anger and nurture the relationship.

FREE 5-Minute Phone Consultations: Dr. Briglio offers free consultations, which will demonstrate value to the prospective client by offering insight and a look at Dr. Briglio’s customized solutions.