Dr. Briglio graduated with high honors from Iona Preparatory School in New Rochelle, NY and received a combination academic/athletic scholarship to Hofstra University. At Hofstra, he received a pre-med BA degree, continued in a Masters Program in Secondary Education, and completed a Ph.D. in School/Community/Clinical Psychology.

Dr. Briglio began his professional career as a school psychologist, first in Valley Stream, and then retired from the Long Beach School system, where he worked with all grade levels. In Long Beach, Dr. Briglio specialized in evaluation and placement of students with special needs, educationally handicapped, and gifted. He integrated his school service with Pupil-Personnel Services, the Committee on Special Education and the Guidance Department, serving for a time as the Chairperson of the Committee on Special Education in Valley Stream.


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At the same time that Dr. Briglio began his career in the schools, be built a private practice in child, adolescent and family psychology, working with couples’ issues as part of his systems approach to family counseling. Anxiety disorders, depression, underachievement and family conflict resolution are among the most commmon problems for which he has developed specific effective techniques. He is well known for his highly effective protocols for child to parent conflict management and couples conflict resolution.

With his vast experience in the educational sphere, he has been highly successful with underachieving students at all levels (K to graduate school) with protocols that challenge resistance and offer a specific “recipe” for students to achieve at potential. Students following his plan report great results with less wasted effort. Working with students entering college who present their schedule in August before starting college, Dr. Briglio’s “when you do it, where you do it” and specifically “how you do it” plan facilitates initial adjustment and grades at potential.