Dr. Briglio manages children’s issues in a family systems format. Parents typically are concerned with attentional issues in school or home, oppositional and defiant behavior, overanxious conditions including school avoidance, separation, obsessive worry and phobic responses. Family therapy creates a language for these conditions and a specifically tailored protocol for resolution. Thus therapy is taken home and practiced in the child’s environment.


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Within a session, Dr. Briglio seeks to be less prominent over time, turning his specific protocols over to the family. Although he often looks at the child, interacting with respectful questioning, he is at the same time highlighting and strengthening the executive board, the parent unit, subtly promoting its authority. In a switchboard technique, he subtly channels control and advice through the parent in authority, less him and more the parents.

Rapport in counseling flows in a light manner with a generous sprinkling of humor and wisdoms that could have come from a wise and seasoned grandmother. Family counseling should have specific relevant goals and still be fun. The group should leave hopeful, uplifted and armed with strategies. Family systems therapy has a comprehensive toolbox of strategies but in total, Dr. Briglio uses language to paint word pictures to reinstall the language of change.

Our guarantee: If Dr. Briglio’s protocols are followed, there will be improvement.