Sports Psychology – For The Elite Athlete, Parent and Coach

Athletic potential is reached only when optimal mental performance works synergistically with physical skills. The “mental performance” discussion ordinarily lags behind the discussion of athletic talent or is not considered at all. The elite athlete needs to develop practiced mental strategies for optimal preparation and game day performance.

Misdirected and inefficient effort, preoccupation with mistakes, negative self-talk and emotional over-reaction is replaced with careful analysis of performance and control of attention and emotion. Precise athletic and optimal mechanics become the result.


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Included in psychological factors for the elite athlete would be:

  • • Increasing attention, concentration and mental control (pushups for the brain)
  • • Mental control of arousal and finding the zone – not too flat; not too intense
  • • Daily goal setting and practice checklist
  • • Precision and intensity in practice reps
  • • Success, and not choke with the game on the line
  • • Attention to the “student” in his role “student athlete” – time management and academic organizational methods
  • • Alcohol and other chemicals not part of normal adolescent development – a present interference to training attitudes and goals and potential risk for lifetime underachievement
  • • Coachability, challenging resistance, character and values offered to his team and program

The Elite Athlete needs to develop practiced mental strategies for optimal athletic performance.

Analysis of performance, control of attention and the re-dedication of emotion result in precise, optimal athletic mechanics and peak performance.