Key to a student’s academic improvement is a reduction of parent/child power struggles, which helps to put children in a cooperative partnership with parents managing the homework backup component of class work.

Time management is customized based on the family nightly business, after school activities and convenience. Long and short range goals connect tonight’s work to overall future education and possibly career goals, to create relevance and motivation.


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A recipe for each course is customized with an analysis of teacher expectations and course testing and evaluation requirements. Practice develops habits so that backup to coursework is efficient and effective, rendering the student at potential. With power struggle eliminated, parents and children are free of conflict, allowing for a peaceful yet businesslike nighttime home environment that facilitates relationships. School success with clear direction fosters self esteem for the student.

For those students with significant attention issues, cognitive strategies are taught and employed to facilitate concentration and follow through. This workshop is a must for students on the way to college, where a customized when, where and how time management schedule can reduce the unknown in college adjustment, and give the new college student the best chance of early adjustment and grades at potential.

Insure that college tuition investment. This workshop is available in both group and individual formats. Call for pricing.